Mastering Cashflow Management for Sustainable Business Growth

Hi there. Welcome to Better Business Insights with me, Liz Jarvis. Today, we're talking about cashflow. Cashflow is a very important part of every business, whether you're starting out and you've got some savings built up, and you're wondering how they're going to decline or whether you've been in business for a very long time.
And you're ready to expand cashflow is a very, very complex calculation of the things that are going on in your business. Things that you have a lot of opportunity to make decisions about. So, for example, if your cashflow is getting tight and you're really just racing one day at a time to meet the things that you absolutely have to pay to stay going, that's okay.
Lots of people do. But if you do that for too long, you'll find that you've wasted money on freight charges. For example, that you didn't need to pay on extra interest on bank fees for speeding up the payments and things. And you might find yourself six months down the track, wishing that you had addressed your cashflow properly earlier.
Now often you'll need some assistance with that, and you'll need to have an understanding of how your business works with your numbers. So here at Better Business Decisions, we find it really important that business owners get some enjoyment out of their numbers. You need to start somewhere, but cashflow is now a bit of a more advanced topic.
However, if you've got specific tax, cashflow questions, you might like to reach out to us. Through our website or our Facebook page and ask away, we're happy to take.

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