Letting Go of Judgement: Improving Your Business Success

Hi there. Welcome to Better Business Insights. I'm Liz Jarvis and in my business, I help take the stress out of the numbers for Business Owners. Sometimes that's just about the numbers. Sometimes it's about relationships. And today I'm going to talk about judgement because judgement can prevent you from getting the best result.
In our business, we try always to use a non-judgemental curiosity in our business to get curious about who you are, what you do, what you want to achieve. And today I want to talk about your judgement and how that might be getting in the way of some of the things that you could do to make your business better for you.
I'm going to actually read something for a second because I listen to this meditation from Deepak Chopra. It's helped me a lot. And in amongst it, there's this beautiful thing about judgement.
He says, “Judge not today. Judgement creates turbulence in our mind and when there is turbulence in our minds, then it interferes with the creativity of our soul. Creativity and judgement don’t go together. Judgement also means letting go of the need to classify things, to call them either right or wrong to label, to define, to describe, to evaluate, to analyse. Let go today. Judge not today because consider what happens when you judge someone, it makes another person wrong. Someone else's wrong to feel a certain thing, to look a certain way, to hold certain feelings. Judgement immediately creates separation and any person who is wrong then becomes them. So the need to judge arises from the need to be isolated, and that is the ego's form of defence.”
Now there's a little bit more to go on with, but the funny thing about all of that is in accounting, we actually do need to do this; label, define, evaluate, and analyse. That's something we definitely need to do in accounting, but don't do it about people.
Sometimes people feel judged by their accountant or by other people around them, when they don't feel confident with their numbers. I want you to let go of that potential to be judged and just ask questions because in accounting, there are lots of questions to be asked so that you can get it right. And getting it right is actually about getting it right for you - for you, the Business Owner. We want you to be able to read the story of your business, you to be able to interpret, analyse, understand what is going on in that financial information. Because it's through that, that you are able to tweak it and improve your business.
And the more you improve your business, the better for everyone around you. So, I hope this little foray into judgement helps you to think a little bit differently about accounting and many other things. Reach out to us through any of our channels. And I hope to see you on another one of these and perhaps meet you one day in person or on zoom.
Have a fantastic day!

To better understand our business we need to get our numbers and Judge them - we label, define, evaluate and analyse to get better results. However, if we do that to the people in our lives, our relationships suffer and in turn our business often suffers. Let these tips make your business life better!

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