Creating Synergy in Your Business to Achieve More

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Today I'm going to explore a concept I really love. The concept of synergy. Stephen Covey, who you probably have heard of, you'd have to be under a rock if you’ve never heard of Stephen Covey, rest his soul. He talks about synergy. Synergy being the idea that when two people come together, and think and work together then the outcomes are more, much more, than each of them could have made on their own and added together. So, one plus one equals three, not just two. Synergy is a really important thing to get into for your business, whether it's your Business Coach, marketing person, Accountant, Bookkeeper, your staff.
If you bring to your workplace or your business, the concept of synergy and meet with like-minded people to strategise around things happening in your business, then you're more likely to increase your curiosity, increase your ability to pivot or iterate.
This Lean Startup book, which is pretty famous and helpful, it really talks about iterating. Iterating is the gradual improvement of your business, adjusting your product offering for your clients or adjusting your actual overheads and things like that. There are many opportunities to improve your business and bring the synergies that those discussions have, into your business.
So, to find out more about synergy, check out Stephen Covey. To have some synergy, I'd be happy to work with you, look at your numbers, help you to take the stress out of them. Just give you a fresh perspective - any time - just reach out. Hope to see you on another episode of Better Business Insights.

Business is so much better when you get two or more heads together to curiously explore. That's called synergy! Let me help you to get more out of your days with these tips.

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