Profits Come from Curiosity: How Exploring Your Numbers Can Grow Your Business

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Today, we're talking about profit and profit is not led by metrics. It's actually often led by curiosity, the curiosity that surrounds what your customer will pay for your product.
The curiosity around, can we get our product cheaper so that we have more margin? The curiosity around are our overheads too high or too low. Is growth going to help our profit? Is cutting our costs, going to help our profit? Or are we actually cutting out essential parts of our business when we have profit?
So profit is not determined by metrics. Metrics are something that we apply - often after the fact. Profit comes from curiosity and an increased curiosity into your numbers will help your profits to grow, and will help you to better understand what's going on in the background of your
business so that you are making the decisions that make the difference!. And give you a better profit.
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Many business owners avoid their numbers and leave them up to someone else. When you do look at your numbers regularly you can find opportunity to improve your profits! If you are a beginner ask your accountant to walk you through your numbers the first few times. Unfortunately, many accountants don't have time to help their clients to understand - That's why we are here! Everything we do for our clients is with our clients - We empower them to be more confident and profitable through the exploration of their unique financial information. If you would like some support to understand your numbers reach out to us. We work directly with business owners through Zoom sessions to dig into your accounting system and explore - sometimes it's like a driving lesson where we can take control of your mouse to show you where to find what you are looking for.

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