Hear From Our Happy Clients

"For the past year, Liz has helped me to understand my numbers and the story of my business. Every session I learn so much more about my business and where I want to take it!   Her positivity, genuine interest in her clients and encouragement is above and beyond my expectations. The team are fantastic, helpful and accommodating. I absolutely recommend Liz and her team!"
Adina, Manning Maintenance
5 Star Rating
“Liz has a genuine interest in wanting you to succeed. To have someone be honest and open with you is a great help, and Liz has that gift. She is also very positive, and has the capacity to see the way forward and suggest ideas and solutions. I’m proud to own it and am no longer feeling the stress I was feeling."
Marcia Bourke
5 Star Rating
"I really enjoyed our session last week – it genuinely was the first time I felt I could share with an accountant where my business is at – and then engage in a discussion that was “real” and meaningful."
Megan, The Resolution Network
5 Star Rating
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time last week. As a business owner, the hardest thing for me to do is assess and analyse my own business operations. I am just too close to the action to do this effectively. Following the 90 minutes were we together, I have now articulated some of your awesome advice into my operations – including increasing my fees to reflect more of what I do, closely monitoring my time using MyHours to get a good perspective on my workflows, and selling the ‘lifetime value’ of my work to prospective clients. You also gave me the courage to hold some difficult conversations with my current clients regarding services, so my skills are better utilised to help them with success. … I came away from our session empowered to address some tough decisions and increase my own viability as a professional career development practitioner."
Heidi Fowler, Simply Careers
5 Star Rating
"This is Liz, my amazing finance mentor. For business owners out there check her out! She is a delight to work with and has been the best support for me and my business journey. Over the last 18 months Liz has given me the strength, courage and ability to manage my growing business all on my very own. I can now manage my cash flow, understand GP and follow accounting talk. Liz has empowered me to understand all aspects of my business and to support me with making the right decisions because those in business know there are always so many decisions to make! Thank you Liz!"
Olivia Thwaites, Green Hip Workwear
5 Star Rating
"I needed help to start my business. Before working with Liz my biggest challenge was knowing what to do and how to get started. Now I am pretty confident and know I can contact Liz for support when needed. Liz has a lot of knowledge and is very willing to share it. Liz has given me the confidence in myself and my business."
Tracey Tattersall, All About You Support Co ordination
5 Star Rating
"It gives us peace of mind knowing if something’s just not sitting right we can ask, and nothing will be considered a silly question. Liz actually took the time to find out about us and how we worked together. Liz didn’t sugar coat things. She asked me a lot of in depth questions about our set up, about us as people, about how we worked together, about what backing we had and what we had done in the past – all the things that were vital to making our business work."
Lorrae Crane, All Diesel Mechanical
5 Star Rating
"Before working with Liz, I had a lot of anxiety around my understanding of my business finances, I was constantly worried I was missing something and some big ugly bill was going to pop up at any moment! But after my session with Liz, where she took the time to not only explain key functions of my accounting software, but the bigger financial concepts they related to, I no longer feel like there are any 'scary dark corners' in my accounts. I feel so much more confident in managing my own finances; I nearly handed the whole job off to my accountant, but I'm so very glad that I didn't. It would have been a massive missed opportunity in applying that knowledge of the money I was turning over and using it to make smarter decisions moving forward. Now I can work productively WITH my accountant. Thank you Liz for your knowledge and generosity!"
Meredith Paige
5 Star Rating

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