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We guarantee that a one on one session with our business advisor will uncover ways for you to improve profitability within your business and reduce the amount of tax you pay.
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Our small business advisor awakens your financial intelligence!

We make it easy to understand your profit and plan the future of your business. Our business advisor will support and guide you on that journey.
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We work with you

Our advisors for business owners act as a sounding board. 
We help you unpack, critically examine and implement ideas for improvement.
Business Clarity

Business Clarity

By uncovering the right information in your business, we ensure you are in the best position to reach your goals.
Business Insights

Business Insights

By bringing you a fresh perspective we provide you with a better understanding of your unique financial information.
Business Efficiency

Business Efficiency

By ensuring your accounting methods are effective, efficient and accurate, we eliminate processes that waste time and money.

How our business advisory services can help you

We offer a range of services where we work with Australian business owners to offer financial clarity, a fresh perspective, expert insight and business understanding.
Lifetime Tax Planning

Lifetime Tax Planning 

Regular collaboration with an experienced accountant is essential to understand and implement the opportunities for tax minimisation.
Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence

Meet with Liz – without judgement she will reveal your innate ability to understand your unique business numbers.
Structure Review

Structure Review

We review and illustrate your entities to give you clarity about how they work together and whether you need more or less of them.
Technology Audit

Technology Audit

We review the tools you use to run your business and eliminate any processes that are wasting your valuable time and money.
Balance Sheet Education

Balance Sheet Checkup

The most important financial report in your business reveals how well your bookkeeping is being attended to. Liz will show you how to read and understand it.

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Trusted advisors for business owners all over Australia

Here is just a small handful of the businesses that we have helped better understand their accounting and save money on their tax.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we often get asked by new clients. If you can't find the answer here, please email

How much does each strategy sessions cost?

We provide a short free strategy sessions to get a better understanding of your current business situation and see if we are a good fit to work together.

How long does each strategy session take?

Strategy sessions are broken down into 60 minute blocks but can be made longer if required. 

What do I need to bring to the strategy session?

You should have on hand most information relating to your business finances. Tax returns, profit and loss statements and more.

What if we can't meet in person?

We will work with your businesses where ever you are and offer remote services via Zoom which is just like us being in the same room.

Why should I trust you to help with my business?

We have over 35 years of experience working alongside business owners and guarantee we will remove the fear from your bookkeeping and finances.

What sort of experience does Liz have?

Liz has over 35 years of experience as a chartered accountant working deep in the trenches of tax accounting and small business.

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We know business operators make better decisions about their future when they understand and are involved in the numbers that tell the story of their unique business.

Liz Jarvis

Improving your financial intelligence.

With over 35 years experience spent deep in the trenches of tax accounting and small business, Liz Jarvis is far from your average chartered accountant.

As the founder of Better Business Decisions, she is a passionate advocate for small and medium business, who educates and empowers operators to understand the story their business numbers tell.

Take Control of Your Business Profitability

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No change in accountant or bookkeeper is required.
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