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Liz Jarvis (CA) - Financial Mentor

Liz Jarvis is a Chartered Accountant, Financial Mentor, and the Founder of Better Business Decisions. Liz has decades of rich experience empowering people with financial confidence and keeps up to date with entrepreneurship as an esteemed member of The Entourage.

Reflecting on her lustrous career, Liz graduated from Macquarie University in 1988 and is proud to have been a Chartered Accountant since 1991. Over this time, she has seen decades of incredible change in the field of business and has empowered over 500 business owners, saving literally millions of dollars in taxes.

Liz has extensive experience with Tax Planning including trusts and superannuation, accounting software setups, integration and support, profit analysis and forecasting. Her primary goal has always been to empower business owners as they navigate the complexities of financial information within the context of their business.

Liz spent decades iterating solutions to bridge critical gaps for businesses who struggle with the common silos of the financial space until she discovered that the best solution is Financial Mentoring – a unique “done with you” service that businesses are now seeking from her.

In a world that’s rapidly evolving, Liz refuses to stop learning and this inspires her to continuously update her education to keep her qualifications current. In fact, she has recently received Accreditation as a Mental Health First Aider and refreshed her suite of knowledge in Family Law Financial Proceedings. Her invaluable expertise spanning these shifts has given her an enriched career like no other – one that she’s happy to share with her audience for their benefit.

Liz is a respected finance professional who remains in touch with the struggles of non- finance professionals. As a result, she always takes the time to carefully understand businesses, their financial targets and the business owners’ state of mind when it comes to finances. This makes her a dependable expert whose insights are always specific and practical – but still empathetic enough to get through to the people she talks to.

As part of her commitment to making financial literacy more accessible, Liz crowdfunded over $15K and founded the program Achieving Functional Literacy Of Accounting & Tax (AFLOAT) with 10 businesses enrolled. This initiative caught the attention of QANTAS Business Radio’s Alan Kohler and the interview enabled Liz to share her expertise with a broader audience, and she now uses Zoom to serve clients Australia-wide.

Although more widely known for her dedication to making a difference in her industry, Liz also takes the time to volunteer for causes she is passionate about. She has contributed to building aged care facilities, instigated school fundraising activities, assisted victims of natural disasters, and taken on roles for her Local and Regional Business Chambers. More than an experienced professional, Liz is a proactive citizen who stops at nothing to help with the growth and development of the community.

As a seasoned trailblazer who always chooses to take the road less travelled, Liz is critical of the path her profession has taken and so pushes herself to find innovative ways to make financial intelligence more accessible and relatable for business owners.

Liz is ultimately committed to returning decision-making power to the business owner. Her dedication to empowering Australians to take control and be in charge of their financial data and knowledge is demonstrated by the energy she is currently pouring into her book.

Liz is available for interviews in person, via video link, or phone and can be reached by email or on her mobile at 0409 570 522.

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