Overcoming Accounting Anxiety: Understanding Your Business Numbers

Hi there and welcome to Better Business Insights. I'm Liz, Jarvis and today we're going to talk about sucking the scare out of accounting. For any of you that have known me for a while, you'd know that I crowdfunded back in 2016 for a pilot program to suck the scare out of accounting. Boy, we learn a lot.
My 10 participants, ran through our pilot program and we learnt heaps of things from that. And in the future, we're going to have more online learning relating to that. At present, we don't. At present, we offer one-to-one. But why did I want to go and suck the scare out of accounting? It's because I've discovered that business owners everywhere really don't want to deal with their numbers. So, I've made it my business to help people get over that scare, help people understand better. I've invested a lot of time and energy in working out what your perspective is, where you're coming from when you come to your numbers. And I want to reassure you that we can suck the scare out of it, pretty fast.
All you need to do is look at your numbers as the story of your business. Your business is unique and you, the Business Owner, you know - you know, deep down in your soul, what your business is all about. You know the story. So, you're actually really well-placed to look at those reports and see if they're right. And as you get them tidied up and accurate, you will also be able to look at them and see opportunities. Opportunities to do better, to make more profit because more profit gives you more choices, more time with the family, more activities, less stress.
All of that profit is important. Profit is important for everyone. We don't have to be…. some people exploit others in order to get profit. That's not the profit that I'm supporting. I'm supporting the profit that comes from you doing your thing to help others and being paid appropriately for it.
So, does that suck the scare out of accounting? Have you got a little bit more confidence? I encourage you. Go and get out your financial information and have a look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Don't let that lizard-brain fear overcome you. Believe in yourself. I know you can do it. Let me know how you go in the comments.
Have a great day.

Are you one of the many business owners that is a bit scared of your Accountant, Bookkeeper, Financial information etc? Well you are certainly not alone. Let me assure you with the tips in this video and a little belief in your self you will be on the way to using all this information to make more profit!

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